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Team members


Dr. Kai LIU (刘凯)

Assistant Professor & Principle Investigator

Dr. Kai LIU  joined City University of Hong Kong in March 2019 as an Assistant Professor in Animal Welfare, Ethics and Behaviour. With expertise in poultry and swine production systems, his research focuses on the areas of precision livestock farming,  animal behaviour and welfare. 

As an agricultural and biological engineer working in animal agriculture, he is dedicated to applying engineering strategies and innovation, and to seeking data-driven solutions to address global challenges related to food animal production and sustainability, particularly the ever-growing issues related to animal welfare and behaviour.

Research Staff & Students


Cheryl Sze (施雪朗)

Research Assistant

Upon graduating from her degree in Equine Science, Cheryl has been building her experience in the field of medical research, in a range of clinical and laboratory settings and hopes to widen her breadth in veterinary and public-health related settings. Since joining Dr. Liu's team, she now mainly coordinates the pigeon contraceptive drug feeding project with the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (HKAFCD). 

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Li Lyu (吕励)

Research Assistant

Li Lyu will be joining the SmartAM group as a research assistant in January 2023. He obtained his bachelor's degree in Automation at Xi'an Jiaotong University (2021), and master's degree in Robotics at the University of Bristol (2022). He has previous experience in using a multitude of deep learning networks for object identification, classification and developing 3D imaging systems for high quality plant 3D reconstruction. His research will mainly focus on machine vision and deep learning, as well improving their usability in various applications.  


Endai Huang (黄恩待)

PhD Student since 2018

Endai joined Dr. Liu's team as a PhD student after obtaining his bachelor's degree in agricultural engineering at Zhejiang University, in 2018. He is also working as a part-time research assistant in the team, and is particularly proficient in the applications of computer vision and deep learning. He is currently finishing his PhD in piglet and sow detection and analysis under occlusion, under joint supervision of Dr. Liu and the Department of Computer Sciences. 


Axiu Mao(毛阿秀)

PhD Student since 2019

Axiu is currently a PhD student and part-time research assistant at the City University of Hong Kong, under Dr. Liu's supervision. She obtained her bachelor's degree in quality management engineering at China Jiliang University, in 2019. Her research interests include animal activity and sound recognition, with applications in machine learning, deep learning and use of wearable sensors.


Zheng He (何铮)

PhD Student since 2022

Zheng He recently recieved his MSc degree of pattern recognition and intelligent systems from Sichuan University (2022) and is currently a PhD student with the Department of Public Health, under the supervision of Dr. Liu.  His research interests are maily focused on deep learning in animal welfare and behaviour. 


Mahejabeen (Mae) Hossain Nidhi

PhD Student since 2023

Mae joined Dr. Liu’s lab in 2023. Mae is currently a PhD student at the City University of Hong Kong, under Dr. Liu and Dr. Flay’s supervision. She obtained her bachelor's degree in systems engineering and engineering management at CityU in 2022. Her research interest is applying engineering techniques, both hardware and software applications, to promote animal management and welfare.


Zhaojin Guo (郭兆谨)

MSc Student & PT Research Assistant since 2022

Zhaojin Guo graduated from the University of Xian with a Bachelor's degree in Post and Telecommunication. Throughout his studies, he has also completed internships with distinguished companies such as eBay and Xiaohongshu, as well as research within deep-learning technologies in the past. He is currently a Masters student in Public Health and Epidemiology, at the City University of Hong Kong.. Additionally, Zhaojin also hopes to put his skills to practice through his role as a part-time research assistant within Dr. Liu's team. 

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Chuanyi Guo (郭传义)

PhD Student since 2024

Chuanyi Guo is a PhD student at SmartAM, supervised by Dr. Liu. He obtained his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2022 and The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2023, respectively. His research primarily focuses on animal analysis, machine learning, and the development of practical, high-performance IoT systems leveraging advanced algorithms.

Research Collaborators 

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